About Us


Skyfibernet Telecommunications

Is a ‘local’ start-up Business in Fethiye. It is still based inside the Town and is ‘geared’ to meeting the Internet needs (particularly) of Ex-Pats living and Commercial concerns in the immediate area.

As a ‘local business’ it can react and develop quickly to the needs of its customers.

Despite its small entreprenurial background the Company has developed and adapted some extremely sophistacted software to Manage its Internet Connections and Monitor its Aerial Network and to handle its Web-based Accounting and Control Software.

Our ‘Team Leader’ is Ahmet Özay who lives eats and breathes Skyfibernet

Our system administrator is Feyzi Sertaç Yücedağ

Our Installers (who spend more than half their life up ladders) are Oğuz and Sezgin

Our Team

Ahmet Özay

Founder & CEO

Feyzi Sertaç Yücedağ

System Administrator

Veli Aydın